Dear Kiely, Pt. II

31 May

Male and Female Leads of Obvious Child wait in waiting room of abortion clinic

Hello Kiely,

Moya here again 🙂

I hope all is well in your world. I came across a short movie that reminded me of a question I’d asked in my initial letter to you. I wanted to know what a consensual one night stand without a walk of shame might look like.

Take a look; I think it’s pretty awesome.

Obvious Child from Gillian Robespierre on Vimeo.

It’d be nice to see people of color make a film like this, no? It would also be nice if to baby or not to baby weren’t the only question raised. I suppose because the condom broke they felt the question of STI’s  had been addressed.  And I’m sure for a lot of women of color it might not be quite this idyllic. And a horrible break up, that precipitates the drunken encounter, that  creates the possibility that a one night stand might turn into a relationship, is doing its own moralizing work.

Nevertheless, I thought you might enjoy seeing what’s possible in terms of visuals with a message these days. I do get the sense that “the sex was spectacular,” that she consented, even if she didn’t remember dude’s name.

Would love to know what you think Kiely, and if it makes you think about your own video any differently.


Moya B

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