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31 Dec


We can hardly believe the year is over! We’ve been thinking about the blogs, books, films, and so on that have sustained us throughout 2010. So, what we’ve come up with is the inaugural “Crunk List”!

CF Crunktastic

Sesame Street, “I Love My Hair”:– This song is a celebration of the beauty of Black girls’ hair.

Night Catches Us* : This film is a powerful retrospective on the aftermath of the Black Power Movement. The story is complex, layered, and written by Black director Tanya Hamilton. We need more Black women behind the camera!

My Mic Sounds Nice! — *This BET documentary highlighted the contributions of women in Hip Hop, featured their voices, and challenged us to address the absence of female emcees in the mainstream. And as BET programming goes,
this was one of the best programs of the year.

Black Girls Rock Awards and Black Girls Rock, Inc* are two projects celebrating the beauty and power of Black women and girls. We need as much of this as we can get.

And though For Colored Girls, the film, left much to be desired, the original choreopoem is now on the NYT bestsellers list, which we should celebrate.

I’m also a big fan of the feminist romance novels of Gwyneth Bolton. Check her booklist at



CF Moya’s List

Blogs- Basically the radical/queer/women of color tumblr nexus!!!!

I love love the echo chamber of tumblr! These radical, mostly women, mostly
queer, and all of color folk link and spread the most amazing gems on the
internet! If you are looking for a nuanced read on the net neutrality stuff
or need the #mooreandme business to have an analysis of race or privilege or
you want to see some beautiful POC’s with fresh style, these are the folks
to read!…

Crunk projects Mia and Stacey’s journey of creating queer crip radical korean women of color community in the Bay area! Online Winter edition of Barnard’s Scholar and Feminist Journal that is just so fierce! My favorite conference! designed to amply to work and profile of amazing queer people of color in the world! “The Definition,” a social network catering to the transmasculine community (i.e., studs, doms, AGs, FTMs, butches and other persons whose birth sex is female, but whose gender identity doesn’t
fit societal norms). An Experiential Archive Project– Amplifying Black Queer Intergenerational Brilliance you know those tiny racist, transphobic, sexist, homophobic, classist, ableist, xenophobic things people say and do? There’s a blog for that. genius of black youth and former youths on all things popular and cultural.

twitter fam:

Some current Projects from members of the CFC:

There ought to be more dancing –

Quirky Black Girls – A place for strange and different black girls!

New Model Minority-


Films/Videos I love
Eve’s Bayou <> (always and forever classic!)
For My Teachers by Yolo Akili<>
Pariah <>
Whip My Hair <>
Medicine for Melancholy <>
Tight Rope <>

CF RaeOne

I would say Detroit rapper Invincible for (everything she does!) but specifically for her video “Ropes” about battling depression and mental health issues. Video was accepted by MTV2 in 2009 then taken banned the video because its topic is “too controversial.” But, she petitioned and Sept 2010 got it on the air!

See here:

Also for crunkness in the new year look for her on tour with CRUNK women – rapper Jean Grae and Afro Punk chick Tamar Kali on tour:

Also in 2010 Minneapolis b-girls got crunk at B-Girl Be: A Celebration of Women in Hip Hop

CF SusieMaye

Three mainstays in my “Favorites” are the blogs Afrobella, a fab beauty blog with a feminist sensibility, LoveBScot, an entertainment blog that is chatty and not catty, run by the genderqueer diva, B. Scott, and Rod 2.0,  which covers news with an emphasis on LGBT  issues, and holds the distinction, in my mind anyway, as the first blog SusieMaye ever followed.


Thank you so much for your support of the CFC this year. We’ll be on the road at different conferences (we’ll keep you posted) and look forward to getting it crunk with y’all in 2011.

Happy New Year! Get Crunk!


P.S. What are your favorites from 2010?

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  1. crunktastic December 31, 2010 at 3:28 PM #

    I forgot to add the great feminist stories over at Clutch Magazine.

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